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Sizzla Youth Foundation has 3 projects currently underway.  We are excited to get our local and world wide community involved in the completion of these very important projects. These opportunities afford young people with employment, as well as local skilled crafts people, building community connection, problem solving, on site education and safety principles. The projects are part of the legacy of Sizzla Youth Foundation. Just like planting a tree for future generations to enjoy its shade and fruit. SYF represents the strength and possibilities of community organization working towards a goal of upliftment and maximizing potential.

Building the Musuem

August Town

Sizzla Youth Foundation Museum is a monument that is being built for all youth in Jamaica. Located in the history rich community of August Town, local and world wide guests alike are welcome to experience a one of a kind place on earth. Creating a safe haven of education, opportunities, relaxation, refreshment, hope and encouragement. We are working to build skills, guiding young people to have a brighter future, a career, a dream, a business and accomplish goals. The museum will encompass multi use rooms, including Recording Studio, Library, Restrooms, Study Spaces etc. SYF will also be hosting guest speakers, teachers and experts in a multitude of disciplines creating unique opportunities that arent found elsewhere. 

Local Mineral Swimming Pool

August Town

A true diamond in the rough, the natural pool is fed by a mineral spring that has been enclosed and streams fresh cool water into the pool. The pool has progressed from its original days and is still progressing bringing countless hours of joy, relaxation, meditation and community building with children and families from all over the area. For some guests, its a first swim ever in life. The pool is place for cleansing, healing, reflection, hydration and happiness. Perched in a scenic valley with a view of the mountain side, assortment of lush trees and butterflies flying overhead its truly a blessing. Fun fact, this is same water associated with the healing waters made famous thru history by Bedward of August Town Jamaica . Contact us to see how you can contribute or come visit for a swim!

Multi Purpose Court 

August Town

A multi use court for events, soccer, bike riding and games of all kinds.  The Museum overlooks the Multi use court and provides extra outdoor space for large events so that there is space for all. 



Please let us know what you think! If you have ideas, suggestions, want to get involved, connect as a speaker/teacher, fund a project, host a fund raiser, send books,supplies, barrel/package. Or just come for a visit.

Were interested in your thoughts.

Thank you for making an impact!

-Sizzla Youth Foundation

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